About Us


For five decades now Millat has undoubtedly been a house hold name When it comes to the premier quality fans,thus making it the technology of this century. The third generation is now relishing the superb quality of its products after the two cherished it in their lifetime.

The company came into operation in 1947 and became the pioneer company in manufacturing of fans. Initially the company started at a small manufacturing facility in the heart of Karachi at Lawrence Road. Due to its commitment to superior quality and innovative designs, Millat quickly became the market leader among the breed of brands. With increase in customer demand the company moved from Lawrence Road to its premises in site in 1960’s. From then on the company enjoyed a healthy market share and remained on the path of success due to its through commitment in producing quality products.

With this addition of products, HM Esmail & Co. now has a variety of electrical products to offer.The management of HM Esmail & Co. has added same new designs in the areas of ceilings, bracket and ventilation fans along with the existing range including the everlasting ceiling, table, pedestal, wall and bracket fans and a full range of plastic models with innovative and elegant designs.

So the legacy of Millat continues …